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Scrapbook Industry Trends

Contact: Jacque Jensen
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Simple Scrapbooks™ sister publication, Creating Keepsakes magazine, conducted the 2004 Scrapbooking in America (SIA) survey. The SIA survey was conducted in two phases: Phase I assessed the size and value of the scrapbooking industry through a mailed survey to 40,000 random households around the country. Phase II queried 2,500 scrapbooking households to identify their scrapbooking behaviors and create a consumer profile. Following are key findings from the survey:

Size of the U.S. Scrapbooking Market (Phase I)

# The 2004 SIA survey estimates annual industry sales at $2.551 billion, representing a 27.8 percent increase from 2001.

# There are 4.4 million new scrapbooking households since 2001, for a total of over 26 million households and 32.1 million scrapbookers.

# Spending on scrapbooking supplies by households that scrapbook has increased 6.3 percent to $96.76 annually since 2001.

# Almost one in four, or 24.5 percent of U.S. households, participate in the hobby of scrapbooking, with Western states showing the most households involved in the hobby (between 26-31 percent of households). Following is the breakdown of scrapbooking households by region.

Region Percent of Households that Scrapbook
1. Pacific 26.4
2. Mountain 31.2
3. West South Central 25.4
4. West North Central 27.5
5. East South Central 25.6
6. East North Central 24.1
7. New England 21.4
8. South Atlantic 22.5
9. Middle Atlantic 21.0

1A market size figure of $1.4 billion was reported in the 2002 SIA survey. This figure was later updated to $1.99 billion to represent all U.S. households (104 million), not just family households with two or more residents (72 million) to better represent unmarried, divorced and widowed scrapbookers. Market size is calculated by taking annual household spending on scrapbooking by scrapbooking households as defined in Phase I of the SIA survey, then applying that number to U.S. Census household estimates.

Scrapbooker Profile (Phase II)

# Thirty-nine percent of scrapbookers have been involved in the hobby for five years or more.

# Scrapbook enthusiasts are most likely to be females between the ages of 30 and 50. Eighty-two percent have a college education and nearly 50 percent are employed full-time.

# Scrapbooking expenditures have increased significantly over the last three years. Now, about 75 percent of scrapbookers spend at least $25 on supplies in a month. On average, scrapbook enthusiasts own scrapbooking supplies valued at approximately $1,853, an 81 percent increase since 2001.

# About three-quarters of scrapbookers have a room or space in their home dedicated to the hobby.

# A comprehensive profile of scrapbookers revealed that these hobbyists can be represented in three core market segments: the novice, the intermediate and the dedicated. The characteristics that most distinctly identify these hobbyists are time spent on scrapbooking, level of expertise, amount of money spent on supplies, sources used to purchase scrapbooking supplies, computer use and class/workshop attendance.

1. Novice Scrapbooker
# Represent 17 percent of the scrapbook population.
# Introduced to scrapbooking by a friend or relative and attracted to the hobby because of the numerous and interesting products and supplies available.
# On average, scrapbookers in this group own $1,095 worth of scrapbooking tools and supplies.

2. Intermediate Scrapbooker
# Makes up 40 percent of the scrapbook market
# Motivated to preserve memories but they are also interested in the hobby as a creative outlet.
# Nearly 60 percent have a room or space in their home dedicated to scrapbooking.
# Spend between 5 and 20 hours a month scrapbooking.
# On average, scrapbookers in this group own $1,721 worth of scrapbooking tools and supplies.

3. Dedicated Scrapbooker
# Makes up 43 percent of the scrapbook market and considered the core of the industry.
# Choose to scrapbook simply because they enjoy the hobby and consider it a creative outlet.
# On average, this group has invested $2,295 in scrapbooking supplies.
# The majority (87 percent) have a room or space in their home dedicated to scrapbooking.

# Besides general family albums, many scrapbook enthusiasts also create special albums for birthdays, holidays and vacations. Creating gift albums has also become popular with 39 percent of scrapbookers having made gift albums last year.

# Scrapbooking is the third most popular craft in the nation, according to the Craft & Hobby Association.
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